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Farmyard on Wheels Incursion – Kindy A,B,C (Tues 18th June) and Kindy D,E (Fri 21st June)

The students in Kindergarten will be visited by Farmyard on Wheels. The purpose of the incursion is to support our teaching program, in which the students are currently focusing on developing their understanding of farms and farmyard animals.

 The incursion will be held on:

Whilst on their visit, students will be involved in the following activities:

  • educational talk about farm animals
  • special features of sheep, alpaca and miniature horses,
  • feeding a variety of animals
  • holding chicks, ducklings and rabbits (if they wish)

The cost of the incursion will be $8.00 which covers the visit of Farmyard on Wheels.

Kindy ABC Farmyard on Wheels Incursion Note

Kindy DE Farmyard on Wheels Incursion Note




Year 3 – Visit from Department of Fire & Emergency Services – Thursday 20th June

The incursion will be held on Thursday 20 June at Alkimos Beach PS, from 11am-12pm.

Whilst on their visit, students will be involved in the following activities;

  • The role of a firefighter
  • How to prevent or stop a fire emergency from happening
  • How to respond to a beeping smoke alarm
  • Calling emergency services
  • Crawling low under smoke
  • Having a home fire escape plan
  • Students also get to view and interact with our Firefighters and Fire Trucks

The incursion is FREE.

Firefighter Incursion-Butler-YR3-Parent Letter-2019